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Web Pages Featuring Twister Front Linkage
  1977 Bronco with Wristed Arms, NP435, Custom Roll Bar  Pictures
Good pics of wristed front suspension arm and an good custom roll bar.
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Lengthened Radius Arms
This is a view of the modified radius arms from Protofab company. By the looks of them, these arms are fabricated up from sheet steel and a much longer than stock.
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Simple Shock Pivot for Large Articulation Broncos  Pictures
A simple dual pivot mount made to allow freedom of motion in two rotational planes. This additional flexibility is needed in Twister arm modified Broncos.
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PSVB Picnic Photo Collection
A bunch of good photos from a summer club meeting of PSVB. Includes Quinn's 4 corner coil setup with the wristed arm and Roger Bell with his coils and air-bag suspension. Also a pic of Jim Cole with Duff's newest suspension.
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4-Link Front Suspension  Pictures
This is a great idea and it seems like Jim Howell did a fine job designing and building it. The basic idea is similar to what is currently being used on Jeep Cherokees (comapact and Grand) and Ram 1500 pickups.
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More on Jim Howells' 4-Link Front  Pictures
More info on Jim Howells' excellent 4-link front suspension.
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Strong Arm Wristed Arm   Pictures
Another take on the twsiter wrister concept. Nicely done mod with good pics, documentation and pre- and post-mod testing.
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Wristed Twister Radius Arm Install  Pictures
This is the ticket for better front axle articulation. Early Broncos experience a binding problem with in the "C" bushings on the front end that prevents the front axle from articulating drastically. The radius arms act as an anti sway device by restricting the movement of each wheel, independently of the other
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All 4 Fun Specials -- Lengthened Radius Arms, Full Roll Cage
"New to All 4 Fun Offroad is the long travel radius arms. These arms allow for maximum wheel travel from the front axle. The arms have a caster alignment built into them allowing us to use stock rubber bushings and get even more wheel travel. " This page also features a nice looking full cage.
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