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2 Inch lift

I like the 2 inch lift. Unfortunately, the 3.5 inch is the most popular and all the front spring technology is going into that segment. As a result, you can get a better lift with the 3.5 inchers than you can with the 2 inch lift. Still, the National Spring 10 pack rear leaf is an option as is a decent spring from Moog which was recently bought by National.

Web Pages Featuring 2 Inch lift
  A 1977 Bronco Front With a 2+
"My goals with the vehicle suspension were better clearance/travel and better road ride. Though I know it's not exactly possible, I tell various folks that I'm trying to mimic the road ride of a Jeep Cherokee since both vehicles have solid axles with springs on front and leafs on rear." From Paul Nowak
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State-by-state Guide to Lift Laws
Super helpful chart with info on each state. Many of us are probably illegal (in Michigan anyway)!
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