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Wheels and Tires


Front Disk Swaps

4-Wheel Disks

Dana 44

HD Front Axle Stub Shafts

Dana 30

Ford 9 Inch Rear

31 Spline Axle Swaps

Lockers and Traction Control

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Web Pages Featuring Wheels and Tires
  N8's 1973 Ford Bronco Mud page
"Being a geologist (sedimentologist), I know what mud is. As far as 4-wheeling is concerned a little extra sand mixed in helps. The real "gumbo" stuff is the most fun (clay- and silt-sized sediment). ... The appropriate type of tire for mud and ruts."
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Quick Air  Pictures
Small portable air compressors for the trail air down and air up process.
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Picture Collection  Pictures
Pics of a blue Bronco. Also pics of tires, twin stick install, lift kit and trail pics.
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Matt's Gear Ratio, speed, and RPM finder
A cruise RPM calculator. "Given any 5 of the 6 fields, this DiffGear will compute the remaining one. Overall Gear ratio is automatically computed for all fields."
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Tech Info from Performance Unlimited  Pictures
Good Tech Info on driveshafts, tire fitment, engines, u-joints, and much more.
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Performance Unlimited Main Tech Page
Lot's of excellent info here including VIN code and model changes indexes, vibration diagnosis, tire size picker, lubricants, power-to-weight estimators, etc. Excellent!
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