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Tech Info Main Page



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Tech Info Main Page

The tech info is the real reason I did this site. Knowing what you can do, what others have done and how to do it well is a lot of the fun of owning an EB.

These pages are going to get a lot better over the next month. I eventually plan on putting a lot of full tech descriptions in here in addition to links. Everything from how to replace front wheel bearings to major motor, body and suspension. Also, the web has a strong slant toward building Broncos but I'd also like to cover restorations better so any good restoration information will be integrated in if I can find it.

Until then, if you know of good links to add, let me know by putting them in the box at the bottom of the page.

Engines — Stock engines, modified engines, cooling systems, exhaust, EFI Swaps, stokers, etc..
Transmissions — C4, C4 Mods, 3sp manual plus swaps for AOD, NP435, T18, and clutch chatter fixes.
Running Gear — Axles, Diffs, Brakes, and Diveshafts.
Suspension — Stock, 2 Inch, 3.5 Inch, 5 Inch and more plus shocks.
Body — Steel how-to, fiberglass, weather strip, bumpers, spare tire, interior.
Electrical — Wiring, harnesses, upgrades.

Web Pages Featuring Tech Info Main Page
  Bronco Registry Of Northern Colorado
This is an awesome club with a huge web site thanks to Coby H and his gang. If you do a search on BroncoHQ, you will see lots of tech info from these folks.
Open in new window:

Technical Service Bulletins for 1977 Ford Truck Bronco V8-302 5.0L VIN G 2-bb...
A list of about 6 TSBs. For the trivia freak.
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Tech Info Collection Articles from Vintage Bronco  Pictures
This is an excellent collection of tech info with excellent pictures!
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Performance Unlimited Main Tech Page
Lot's of excellent info here including VIN code and model changes indexes, vibration diagnosis, tire size picker, lubricants, power-to-weight estimators, etc. Excellent!
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