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351W Stroker EFI Swap

THE KING of the EFI stroker motor install and all the issues it involves is Coby Huey of the N. Colo Bronco Club. The links below will get you going on this install.

Let me know if I missed some good info on this "I Gotta Have It" swap.

- Paul Nowak

Web Pages Featuring 351W Stroker EFI Swap
  Crankshaft and Rods for Stroker 351W  Pictures
Pics and text/tech info. Good page.
Open in new window:

Coby's Excellent Stroker Images  Pictures
Lot's of great pics of Coby's Black Cloud 423ci / 7.0L 351w EFI stroker. Includes heads, intake, pistons, crank, etc.
Open in new window:

Windsor-Fox Specializing in 5.0 EFI Wiring
Good folks and decent products. Some Bronco owners would like better (or some) color labeling on the wiring harnesses but these folks know the issues involved in a swap and can help you.
Open in new window:

SEFI Wiring Harness Conversion
1976 Bronco, 1993 EFI motor, 1989 Wiring Harness and computer. Greg Boyd gives detailed info on harness modifications.
Open in new window:

SEFI Photos  Pictures
10 nice pics of an EFI install.
Open in new window:

Parts List for EFI install
Everything from engine mounts to hydraulic fittings plus sources for everything.
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Sequential EF I installation and Currie Axle Pics  Pictures
These showcase a mustang Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection installation on an early bronco, as well as a Currie axle and other mods. The pictures are **very** high resolution so that they may be studied by others wishing to do the same SEFI conversion. 25+ pics.
Open in new window:

EFI Mods on A F-350 Ford
This is a helpful read for those considering a EFI swap.
Open in new window:

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