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Technical Information:


Stock 302

Stock 6cyl

Radiator and Cooling

Water Pump

AC & On-Board Air Comp.



5 Liter HO with Carb Swap

351W Carb Swap


Fuel Injection (EFI)

5 Liter HO SEFI Swap

351W SEFI Swap

351W Stroker SEFI Swap


Electrical Main Page

Wiring Diagrams

VIN Decoding
VIN Decoders

Transmissions and X-Cases

C4 Automatic

3 Speed Manual


NP 435 Swap

Borg Warner T18

AOD 4spd Auto Swap

Dana 20 Transfer Case

Dana 20 PTO Option

Running Gear

Wheels and Tires


Front Disk Swaps

4-Wheel Disks

Dana 44

Dana 30

Ford 9 Inch Rear

31 Spline Axle Swaps

Lockers and Traction Control


Suspension Overview

2 Inch Lift

3.5 Inch Lifts

5 Inch Lifts

Shock Absorbers

Steering Mods for Lifts

Drive Shaft Mods

Twister Wristed Front Link


Sheet Metal


Fender Flairs

Body Lifts




Roll Bars


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