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About This Site

This web site is designed, coded, edited and written by Paul Nowak. I am doing the project because I like Broncos and also because I wanted to build the site and see how it would work out within the Bronco topic area.

I started working on the site T'Giving weekend '99 and have been putting in a handfull of hours a week since. The site is useable now but will really mushroom after a few more months of development. The more input I get from all of the Bronco community, the better the site will become, so give me your thoughts in the box at the bottom of the page. Also, use that box since it does tell me what page you were on when you filled it out and that one bit of info helps me out a lot in figuring where stuff should go.

Other than that, if the Bronco site works out well, I might do sites on other topics. We will see. Any ideas on what's next? I think the Ford Electronic Engine Control stuff is my next topic since I run a decent email list on that but that toic is a small one. If this site works well, I'll be looking for a next topic that will be bigger than Broncos (which is pretty big).

The site itself is written using a custom tool which I have designed in conjunction with a PERL programmer in my home town of Ann Arbor MI. This tool makes tossing up a site like this not only very doable, but even a pretty quick job. The tool is designed to manage links by the 1000's as well as do a good job with site management tasks. We've also built hooks from the link tools to our search tools so we can index into our search tools every single page and/or site we link to.

The search function is super powerful and more features will be added over the next month. Even as it now stands, you can search over 2000 pages on well over 200 sites and it's fast which you can see if you're on a fast connection. Our searching resources are better than anyone elses thanks to our custom authoring tool passing data to our search tools.

If you are interested in the authoring tools for your site, send me an email. Other than that, give feedback in the box at the bottom of every page. That's the fastest way to making this site the site the best it can be.

- Paul Nowak

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